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OS-8284 want os zones to be able to mount volumes from other zones
TRITON-2220 Role members that are deleted will wedge an account
TRITON-2218FixedHeadnode should support unattended install based on equinix metal metadata
OS-8278Fixedlx improve O_PATH|O_NOFOLLOW emulation for symlinks
OS-8280FixedAdd /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid to LX brands
OS-8279FixedLink-local default route support in LX zones
OS-8277 lx can use O_DIRECTORY directly
OS-8276 bhyve fails to boot on some AMD systems that report bhyve_capable=true
OS-3042 Unable to fix bad coreadm paths
TOOLS-1653 triton development guide should describe where to find ./tools/
OS-6725 Add DH and ECC public key exchange tests to crypto test suite
TOOLS-1652Won't Fixmg README should point to triton building instructions
TOOLS-1656Won't Fixmg completely ignores SDC_IMAGE_PACKAGE when 'local build' isn't set
OS-7990Duplicateip_cksum() is a mess
OS-8129Fixedremove existing kbmd install targets during install
OS-8134Won't FixMove kbm support tools to /usr/lib/kbm
OS-6723Duplicatepkcs11_softtoken CK_MECHANISM_INFO for ECC mechanisms is wrong
OS-7367Duplicatestr functions should set a frame pointer
OS-6818Won't FixHave vmadm(1M) utilize route -z for lx zones
OS-7858FixedAllow a range of bytes to be removed from a custr
OS-4278 delegated datasets could have better in-zone names
OS-4998 libzfs could be lazier about loading dataset properties during iteration
OS-7458 bhyve should allow pci_slot addressing for NICs
TRITON-2189 IP handling with aggrs could be better
TRITON-1330Fixedjoysetup must be aware of zfs encryption
OS-8169FixedSync pivy with Alex's fork
OS-6970 illumos-joyent specific things should use CSTD
OS-8231 Bootable zpools need loader-selectable options
OS-8275Fixedvarpd_svp_getprop() is missing a mutex_exit()
TRITON-2212 sdcadm post-setup cns needs to add sapi keys (or call update-other) automatically
OS-8267 New ksh93 breaks gcc4 build
OS-8005Fixedbhyve memory pressure needs to target ARC better
OS-7754FixedUbuntu 18.04 in lx needs different resolver configuration
IMAGE-1168Fixedubuntu 16.04.6 lx image
OS-8270FixedNew ksh breaks /usr/bin/pf{sh,ksh,ksh93}
TRITON-2209Fixedwaferlock should not crash on missing metadata
OS-8251Fixedlibtopo plugins have uninitialized variables
OS-8268FixedIncorrect RLIMIT_NPROC in lx causing some software to fail
OS-8269 Need new build base image
TRITON-2156Fixedcn-agent should also support Bunyan formatted logs with docker
OS-7052Fixedzoneadmd should create bunyan formatted logs
OS-8254FixedRemove lint from usr/src/uts
OS-7853 NULL ptr deref in mutex_owner_running
TRITON-2137Fixedexpunge v8plus users
OS-8181Fixedlx getsockopt of SO_PROTOCOL fails
OS-8209Fixedpiadm should support persistent loader.{rc,conf}.local
TRITON-2203FixedTriton components in image 19.4.0 need to be updated to openssl 1.1.1i
TRITON-2188FixedRFD 176 Phase III --> USB-less Triton Head Node
TRITON-1916Fixedport imgadm to Linux
OS-8260Fixedntp somewhere between 4.2.8p8 and 4.2.8p15 changes output format, breaks cmon-agent