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OS-8516 Want new UEFI boot roms.
LINUXCN-29 Add support for user scripts to Linux CN
TOOLS-2574 Purge dependency on name
OS-8525 Installer should explicitly print network address(es)
OS-8523 vmadm should worry less about bootrom
OS-8521 Update curl to 8.6.0
OS-8519 Update OpenSSL to 3.0.13
TRITON-2304 New image server names
OS-8520 update pkgsrc-setup to 20240116
OS-8498 Want 'piadm destroy' as an alias for 'piadm remove'
OS-6789 vmadm recv does not create cores dataset
OS-8512 Out of date coreutils breaks cpio_test
OS-8513 Update coreutils in illumos-extra
OS-4525 lxbrand implement getsockopt(TCP_INFO)
OS-8515 SmartOS standalone should support unattended setup
TOOLS-2545 CoC should be explicit
OS-8511 curl progress bar is too wide on wscons
TRITON-2413 hagfish should notice new instances sooner
OS-8510 Update OpenSSH to 9.6p1
OS-8504 Stub support for PR_CAP_AMBIENT prctl(2) calls
OS-8506 Get ready for illumos#16099 changes to err.h
TRITON-2415 CloudAPI tests should not fail if LXD images are present
TRITON-2416 CloudAPI plugin tests should pass
OS-8501 Do not require entire image ancestry to be active
OS-8500 Update pkgsrc bootstrap to 20230910
OS-8499 non-flexible_disk bhyve can't set indestructible_zoneroot
OS-8496 Deprecate docker registry access
TRITON-1441 upgrade: do retries on 'vmadm reprovision' failure due to 'dataset/device busy'
OS-8486 Occasional issues when reprovisioning zones
LINUXCN-26 lsblk output differs on Debian 12
LINUXCN-25 ntpdate output differs on Debian 12
LINUXCN-21 Linux CN Panics when UEFI booting iPXE
OS-8497 pgrep -n/-o uses wrong process argv
OS-3513Fixedptools should see more process arguments
TRITON-2403 Add support for docker OCI manifest format
TRITON-404Fixedsupport docker v2 pull *by digest*
OS-8494 Merge of illumos#15736 missed manifest
OS-8490 Update OpenSSH to 9.5p1
OS-6363Fixedsystem went to dark side of moon for ~467 seconds
OS-6404FixedARC reclaim should throttle its calls to arc_kmem_reap_now()
OS-6385 zfs_arc_overflow_shift needs sufficient margin for ARC reclaim
TRITON-2412 sdc-headnode uses improper curl flag --progress
TRITON-2279 use triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0 for triton components
TRITON-2410 Move cmon-agent to nodev6
OS-6312 lx setsockopt TCP_NODELAY returns EINVAL when (so->so_state & SS_CANTSENDMORE)
OS-8487 LX's IPV6_RECVERR should be treated like IP_RECVERR
OS-8484 Headnode NTP config should be able to support RAN networks
TRITON-2408 A few more cmon-agent crashes
OS-8414 smartos-test configuration should set per-process coredumps
TRITON-2406 AdminUI should expose billing_tag field for packages