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TRITON-2304 New image server names
MANTA-3356 prevent user and key enumeration through muskie
OS-8407 varpd/svp multicast confusion
TRITON-2331 sdc-ufds-m2s fails to parse IP addresses
TRITON-2329 update ufds base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
OS-8327 Switch default compiler to gcc10 for SmartOS
TRITON-2258FixedWant pkgsrc-tools installer in gz
TRITON-2316 mahi v1 crash on bad role mgmt log entry
TRITON-1389 node-triton tests: cli-networks.test.js fails
TRITON-2221 node-triton barfs on roles with users in them
TRITON-2160FixedNeed a way to provide node.config for Linux CNs
TRITON-2159FixedPort `/lib/sdc/` to linux
TRITON-1932 port net-agent to Linux
LINUXCN-1Fixedneed to correctly apply resource limits
OS-5886 pollheads are susceptible to use-after-free
OS-8401 vmm_drv_test needs to be less IPS-dependent
OS-8400 pkgsrc-setup should be able to re-bootstrap
OS-8399 OS-5457 vs. illumos#14630 redundancies
OS-8398 Enabling allow_dhcp_spoofing should remove ip-nospoof
LINUXCN-2 Need docs and release announcement
OS-8397 Make smartos-live work post-illumos#14769
OS-1023Fixeddsadm improvements
TRITON-2307 Add support for AMD to KVM CoaL script
TOOLS-2553 sdc-agent-installer should treat PR builds as master
OS-8370 Welcome MNX
TRITON-2292 update sdc-sapi base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
TRITON-2312 update sdc-sdc base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
TRITON-1298Fixedneed logarchiver0 zone
TRITON-2279 use triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0 for triton components
MANTA-5434 manta-init doesn't fully respect the sdcadm channel
TRITON-2313 EOL sdc-nfsserver
OS-8269 Need new build base image
TRITON-2294Fixedupdate binder base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
TRITON-2295Fixedupdate sdc-fwapi base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
OS-8388 bhyve should support nics.*.model
TOOLS-2525 Everything needs to stop cloning with git:// URLs
MANTA-2926 Support Accept-Encoding / Content-Encoding gzip, deflate
TRITON-2311 provision failures can leave vms without a server_uuid
TRITON-2308 vmware(coal) images broken since 20220410T022206Z
OS-8386 vmware vmdk number of blocks is wrong
OS-8329 Eliminate gcc9 from illumos-extra
TRITON-2305 binder ha-setup fails on missing tar command
OS-8098 Update platform build to use 2019.4 images
OS-8368 lstat in Ubuntu 20.04 LX zones reporting incorrect values
OS-8256 Update ntp to 4.2.8p15 from 4.2.8p8
OS-8267 New ksh93 breaks gcc4 build
OS-8347 Update SmartOS to support illumos 13917
OS-8384 Add src/smartdc/bin/pkgsrc-setup to smartos-live/.gitignore
OS-8377 illumos-kvm-cmd needs to be illumos#14418/mman.h-agile
OS-8379 Bump OpenSSL to 3.0.3